Non-Drying Paint Pty Ltd is a privately owned company, which has sole distribution rights in all States & Territories of Australia for StopClimb Non-Drying Paint™, which is a non-drying ‘anti-climb paint’ (a.k.a. anti-intruder paint, anti-vandal paint, anti-vandalism paint, anti-vandal grease or non-drying paint) that is widely recommended by UK police forces in the fight against theft and vandalism of property.

Our aim is to provide specialist retailers of painting and decorating supplies, and perimeter security specialists, with the highest possible service and support to enable StopClimb Non-Drying Paint™ to become a widely used silent deterrent against unwanted intruders.

If you are such a retailer and you are interested in becoming a stockist of StopClimb Non-Drying Paint™, please contact Simon Messenger on 1300 NDP VIC (or 1300 637 842).

Individuals, businesses and Government agencies can also purchase our product directly from us.